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    Magic Leap HQ Cut Sheet

    Magic Leap is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, known for its radical approach to computing and virtual reality. For its headquarters, they took over an existing commercial building with 259,000 square feet of space that had to include an array of programmatic functions for the company’s 1,000+ employees: open work areas, support spaces, research and development labs, manufacturing facilities, lounges and cafes. For GLAVOVIC STUDIO the fundamental challenge was creating a workplace that would reflect and inspire the revolutionary nature of their work. The project was redefined in urban terms given the sheer size of the space and the disparate programmatic elements to be incorporated. GLAVOVIC developed a pattern of linked neighborhoods, where interaction occurs in streets and nodes. An interconnected non-linear geometry fosters and supports a strong creative culture at Magic Leap and was achieved with a spiral-shaped plan. The floor plate was modulated by an invented topography. The ceilings were kept exposed and, in most enclosed spaces, vary in height depending on usage. On the second floor, nearly a quarter of the floor was raised to disrupt any sense of spatial uniformity and to reinforce functional uses relating to technical program requirements. The structural material palette of the existing building was used to create a simple rhythmic grid with polished concrete floors and exposed intumescent painted steel columns.  To enhance the quality of life on the interior, natural daylight was harvested throughout the expansive space or recreated artificially through glowing LED lit panelite walls and commissioned art work was incorporated into various lounging and entrance spaces. Photography by Robin Hill.



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