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    With bold volumes and articulated cornices, windows, and masonry, the existing Boca Raton Museum of Art building is a postmodern classic located along Federal Highway in Mizner Park. Though cars and pedestrians heavily traffic this area the Museum has long been hidden in plain sight camouflaged by landscaping, gates, and unclear signage, with no clear entrance or wayfinding.

    The challenge of this project for GLAVOVIC STUDIO was to consider the relationship between the Museum and the changing dynamics of its surroundings, with the goal of envisioning a vibrant public realm through engagement with, and experience of, art. Working off the Museum’s dynamic indoor gallery environment, the studio conceived of Promenade a 27,000 square foot gallery without walls. It is a series undulating monumental linear forms that transform the existing outdoor space into an extension of the Museum’s Sculpture Garden for large scale exhibitions and pedestrian experiences. Each element is a separate undulating component comprised of either soft or hardscape materials, which encourages passers by to spend time in the park. The loading dock gate has been replaced with a large commissioned artwork by Margi Glavovic Nothard titled Mending Wall a 12 foot high x 75 foot long linear rhythmic dynamically lit surface. The structure is lit internally and externally and the panels are three different grey s and translucent acrylic on the outer layer with bright yellow and polished mirror stainless steel panels on the inner layer. The spacing between the panels captures changes in daylight between solid and void and encourages southeast breezes through the loading dock, while incorporating the functional requirements of a loading dock gate. The new graphics and wayfinding program include a new freestanding sculptural sign of individually lit letters, a back lit museum information sign and two new red signs located on the building’s south side signaling the entrance. In addition to the exterior public interventions, the interior lobby and educational center were renovated to accommodate various programmatic events and created a new identity through the renovated facade’s transparency and new interior floating volumes of color and light.

    After five years, the final phases of the museum exterior renovations are completed. GLAVOVIC STUDIO designed a new sculpture garden and museum entrance, that incorporates a 360 degree sculpture, landscape promenade, sculpture garden and redesigned courtyard and lobby. A new linear fin and fence sculpture is installed to accommodate temporary amphitheater events and when not in use, is a minimalistic sculptural intervention that draws visitors to the new Museum Courtyard and lobby. Photography by Robin Hill.

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