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    Procida TMWL, situated in Homestead, Florida, is an affordable housing community designed to offer an elegant pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood.

    The development aligns with the Southwest Neighborhood Master Plan. A single building of 115,000 square feet, Procida TMWL workforce housing features 100 units, 102 on-site parking spaces, and a range of resident amenities. Located adjacent to the community partner, Touching Miami with Love’s campus, Procida has 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units. Each unit has a balcony with decorative block.

    The L-shaped building is strategically situated on a corner lot opposite Blakey Park and undulates along the street edges.

    Glavovic Studio’s design approach for this project is influenced by Florida and Caribbean architecture. Common traits found in both punctuate expressive use of color, building articulation and practical elements like overhangs, canopies and balconies that suit the subtropical context.

    Patternmaking plays an important role in the design. The chevron-shaped plan creates pockets for shade and landscaping featuring Florida native plants. The masonry construction employs forms and materials of bright color painted stucco and decorative concrete blocks that harmonize with the subtropical climate. The façade employs texture to reduce the building scale visually with varying shade and shadows throughout different points of the day.

    Sustainability is a cornerstone of the project. Resilient design solutions include the use of non-VOC materials, recycled materials, solar panels for common areas, indigenous landscaping, and water storage in cisterns for landscape irrigation. Features like overhangs, porches and verandas help keep the interior spaces cooler and provide added outside living space. The development explores resilient design solutions to reduce the buildings overall carbon footprint and maintain low energy costs for the resident.

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