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    Mending Wall Cut Sheet

    Commissioned art work by Margi Glavovic Nothard, for the Boca Raton Museum of Art, titled “Mending Wall”  (an homage to the poem written a century ago by Robert Frost), presents a new relationship with visitors who can see at one glance through the porous screen into the activities of the Museum loading dock while also seeing their own reflections. The gated partition continues around the southwest corner as a vertical 12-foot green wall of Bougainvillea, Creeping Fig, Garlic Vine, Queen’s Wreath, and Wild Allamanda. “Our goal is to create the kind of dynamic outdoor environment that we strive for in our Museum’s galleries. Nothard and landscape architect Roberto Rovira have ensured that the landscape, the architecture, and the art are integrated without barriers or boundaries and their collaboration has made for a stunning large-scale commission that extends into the city,” said Irvin Lippman, Executive Director, Boca Raton Museum of Art. “We have worked closely with the Museum to provide spaces that invite people to experience and celebrate the environment and culture of Boca Raton and South Florida, and especially, to enjoy the unique ongoing programming at the Museum,” said architect Margi Nothard. Three new elements are being introduced as artworks incorporated into the Museum. Mending Wall, designed by Nothard, is a 75’ linear structure comprised of repetitious vertical aluminum panels (12’ high x ¼” thick in 8 various widths, from ½” to 4” wide and spaced from 1” to 4” apart and 9” deep).  The sandwich panel structure is lit from within and from outside. The panels are three different dark to light greys and translucent acrylic on the outer layer with bright yellow and polished mirror stainless steel panels on the inner layer. The spacing between the panels is calibrated to create dynamic movement from west to east towards the Museum entrance. The pattern captures changes in daylight between solid and void and encourages southeast breezes through the loading dock while incorporating the functional requirements of a loading dock gate. [Excerpts from Art Daily article] Photography by Robin Hill.

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