Apply To Glavovic Studio

        • The following information is required when applying to Glavovic Studio:
      • 1. Personal
        • a. Name
        • b. Email address
        • c. U.S. work status
        • d. Where do you live currently?
        • e. How did you hear about us?
        • f. If you were referred to GS by a colleague or employee, please list the person’s name and nature of your relationship. (Family, friends, etc.)

2. Resume and portfolio

        • a. Provide current resume
        • b. Provide current portfolio (up to 10 MB)

3. Education history

        • a. Provide a summary of educational background

4. In your own words

        • a. Why did you choose architecture as a career?
        • b. What are your professional goals in the next five and 15 years.
        • c. How will working at Glavovic Studio advance these goals?
        • d. What are the most important issues facing architects today?

5. Interested job position

        • a. What level are you interested in applying for?
        • b. How many years of experience working for an architecture firm do you have after graduating from school?

6. Next steps

        • a. Identify the job position on your application
        • b. Email Glavovic Studio ( ) the aforementioned answers along with a cover letter, resume/CVV, and work samples in a single PDF (size limit 10 MB). Use the following file name format: “JobPosition_LastName_FirstName“. Your name and job position must be in the subject line. Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be accepted. No phone calls please.

Contact Glavovic Studio: